A common misconception of counseling is that it is meant to "fix" an individual or couple. More accurately, it is a catalyst for emotional stability, successful relationships, balance, and satisfaction in life. Counseling is meant to build upon one's existing strengths resulting in the ability to manage stress in a healthier way. Often one's innate resiliency is overlooked and problems are approached with the assumption of a deficiency or "illness." A more positive, strength based, approach leads to a more intentional life with a grounded presence.

Dr. Menna believes the role of a counselor is to hold a flashlight as you explore new paths. She has over 20 years experience working with individuals from all walks of life. It is her belief that struggles result from imbalances which need to be adjusted instead of "pathology" which is everlasting. Therefore, it is important to create inner harmony which highlights resiliency and brings the extremes back into balance.

The personal and professional is often intertwined. Dr. Menna's counseling practice is geared toward individuals balancing different roles and positions in life. Some examples include being physician
and a spouse, a lawyer and a father or mother, or simply having to wear different hats with different people.

Dr. Menna has additional training and experience in working with the following;
- Physicians and other medical practitioners
- Attorneys and paralegals
- Veterinarians including technicians and assistants
- Dentists and hygienists
- Counselors and other helping professions

Specialty areas include (but are not limited to);
- Profession related stress
- Burn out / impairment
- Mental health / addiction
- Trauma / relationship / family issues
- Legal situation resulting from unresolved issues

Dr. Menna is also available for consultation regarding employment issues. She is able to provide assessments and intervention for the work environment. In addition, she provides consulting services for the health and well being of the entire facility or practice. Please see the consultation services page of this website for more information.